HR and Procurement Advisory Solutions

Experience The Benefits of HR and Procurement Advisory Services

Rely on our Advisory Services to provide guidance throughout every stage of the strategic procurement process.

Our Polaris Workplace Solutions team is here to serve as your trusted guide as together we drive sustainable organizational change. After the initial discovery work and organizational assessment is completed, the transformation journey begins.

We will craft powerful strategies that combine people, process, and technology solutions that only a peer advisor can truly understand and deliver. You will learn how to effectively manage and sustain a cost-effective external workforce, while moving beyond the barriers of legacy technology, outdated hiring systems, and negative spending trends.

We also partner with the Lumen Network to deliver strategies tailored to every client, leveraging its position as a national affiliation of corporate and government HR executives with current real-world experience.

How Do Advisory Services Help?

We will bring powerful clarity, change, and long-term transformation to the way your organization manages their extended workforce procurement needs.

As companies begin to focus on building leaner, more agile workplace teams, the procurement process has higher stakes to drive operational efficiency. As a result, procurement has become a reflection of strategic development.

Our HR and Procurement Advisory specialists have walked in your shoes, faced the same challenges, and understand what it takes to think strategically and deliver a results-oriented procurement approach. We have the first-hand perspective needed to step back and see the big picture, while fitting together the pieces that will complete the puzzle.

With a refined process centered on enterprise assessment, strategy development, and long-term transformation, Polaris Workplace Solutions will serve as your experienced and knowledgeable guide to help you navigate through unique HR and procurement complexities and compliance issues.

Our Advisory Services will allow you to gain control of procurement costs, outcomes, and key deliverables, through centralized supplier management to ensure transparency and visibility of your extended workforce. The right solutions will maximize the value of your procurement strategy, help avoid scope-creep, identify performance issues, and help resolve other problematic situations that can cause costs to spiral out of control.


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