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The right MSP relationship will help you remain compliant, control costs, and manage your hybrid workforce with technology-driven solutions, analytics, and data-informed decisions.

Leverage Our Experience to Maintain Your Competitive Edge

Our principals have managed world-class MSP programs and have worked for staffing companies under an MSP, which has given them valuable exposure to all facets of the industry.  Led by their unwavering direction, our team has the experience and knowledge to manage every component of your MSP program, whether you have short-term employment needs, seasonal workforce requirements, or project-based contingent work.

Contingent workforce solutions can be inherently hard to manage due to constantly evolving employment law standards. We will ensure compliance on regulatory issues such as data privacy, security, and worker classification, while also helping our clients mitigate the risk and liability associated with stringent co-employment requirements.

Our policies and procedures reduce lead time and create speed and efficiency during every stage of the recruiting process. After we determine the management model and identify the appropriate management platform, our team rapidly gets to work crafting a tailored recruitment strategy to deliver a scalable and flexible workforce.

What is an MSP?

An MSP partnership can effectively relieve the complex administrative burden and regulatory compliance issues involved in hiring an extended workforce.

As your Managed Service Provider (MSP), Polaris Workplace Solutions takes on the role of supplier sourcing and onboarding, vendor liaison, supply chain manager, and conflict resolution specialist. We will manage every aspect of your contingent workforce program to ensure cost-efficiency, compliance, and credibility, while ensuring that your organization has access to the best industry sourcing channels to secure top talent.

We provide access to an extensive and diverse network of skilled vendors, freelancers, contractors, and temporary project-based specialists to create a seamless extended workforce. With integrated tools such as supplier performance tracking and comparisons from relevant sources, we drive cost-effective hiring decisions that meet your extended workforce requirements, while encouraging competitive bids that lead to the lowest rates.

Our insightful strategies are built around data-driven reporting, analytic assessments, industry benchmarking, and performance tracking. The results will give you the confidence to leverage new growth opportunities without looking back.

When you partner with Polaris for your managed service solutions, you will never fall short on scalable temporary staffing solutions when you need them most.


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