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When you find your true north, your journey to success has only just begun.

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Culture & values

At Polaris, we strive to demonstrate servant-leadership towards our employees, for our clients, and in the community. While the notion of “paying it forward” has penetrated our personal lives, perhaps being a “go-giver” is the natural extension in our professional worlds.  After all, the concept of the marketplace is that products and services are exchanged in such a manner that all the needs of a society are met.  If business only focuses on getting and not on giving, the foundational principle of the market is violated leading to an environment of scarcity and distrust.  We must be better than that. Our goal is to become “go-givers”.

Mission Statement

To guide talent and procurement professionals through solution complexity to acquisition efficiency.

Vision Statement

Advancing soft skills with hard data.

Polaris provides full-service talent acquisition solutions and procurement advisory services designed to give your organization the competitive advantage needed to achieve lasting success.

Polaris, the North Star, has played a crucial role in navigation and course-plotting for hundreds of years, helping adrift explorers find their way using only the bright light above as their guide. From the vantage point of Earth, it is a fixed location from dusk to dawn, neither rising nor setting. This persistence — steady, sure, and reliable — is our guiding principle in each of our client engagements.

Just as we recognize the magnitude of the brightly shining North Star, we understand the weight of our responsibility to our clients. We work with integrity, honesty, transparency, and accountability.

Each of our company principals leads with a focused compass, prepared with the knowledge and experience to adjust direction swiftly as the winds of change necessitate. We recognize that recruitment is a dynamic process that involves consistent collaboration and teamwork. Through every step of the process, we work as a seamless extension of your team, taking on your brand values, mission, deliverables, and objectives as our own.

The team at Polaris uses processes and protocols that drive proactive solutions. We employ innovative and creative strategies tailored to meet the workforce requirements of every client. Our goal is not to simply attract candidates, but to build collaborative teams that will remain at your side as you grow and evolve as a cohesive organization.

Polaris Workplace Solutions delivers better, brighter talent that outshines the competition, while working diligently to guide you toward your True North.

Principles & Ethics

Our Guiding Values

As we guide our clients to excellence, we are internally guided by our core values, which encompass excellence, reliability, integrity, diversity and inclusion, and social responsibility. We strive to create a motivating and encouraging company culture that allows us to better serve our clients with collaborative teamwork, focused precision, and a shared sense of organizational pride.

Serving Our Employees

Serving Our Clients

Serving Our Community

Leadership Team

Our Principals


Kacie Gates


Kacie has been a visionary leader and manager within the Sirius Staffing team for over 5 years, and most recently held the position of Director, Sales & Account Management. Her role as a principal of Polaris Workplace Solutions is enhanced by her focused experience in the areas of Customer Service, Marketing, Human Resources, and specifically, her expertise in managing world-class MSP programs. Kacie’s savvy technological skills enable effective management of various Applicant Tracking Systems and VMS platforms, thereby delivering modernized solutions that meet the goals and objectives of each client. As a member of the SHRM, she has also completed the Assurance of Learning Assessment, and is a graduate of the University of South Alabama with a B.B.A. in Human Resources Management and Services.


Samantha Manner


Samantha has over 20 years of demonstrated career experience in Talent Acquisition Management, IT Recruiting, Sales Account Management, and Program Management. She consistently leverages her multifaceted expertise to drive successful end-to-end workplace solutions. As an experienced Senior Executive Account Manager, Samantha has a demonstrated history of working in the information technology and services industry. She has held positions in top-tier organizations such as Allegis Group Services, RCM Technologies, Compass Pointe Consulting, and Edward Jones. Her career path has given her the opportunity to acquire specialized skills in Sales, Management, Interviewing, Business Development, and Recruiting, while instilling a desire to develop strong and trusted relationships with both client and candidate.

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